SkillsUSA Leadership Team

On January 19th William (Will) Johnson, a senior in Engineering – Robotics, Automation, and Design, attended the SkillsUSA Ohio, South Central (SC) Regional Officer Training Institute (ROTI), for newly elected Regional Officers who will serve this school year.

Here is a list of what Will accomplished during the week of training:

  • He was elected SC Regional President by his fellow officers, an adult advisor, and a state officer that worked with the team. This is based on his ability to be a leader and connect with others, demonstrating how hard he can work to promote SkillsUSA.
  • Johnson - SkillsUSA

    Took 1st place in the “60 Second Elevator Speech” contest (competed against all the other 41 students present at the conference)
  • Team Contest – 1st Place – “Goodwill Tour Presentation” (6 teams competed). This is a 20 – 30 minute slideshow presentation that the Regional Officer team puts together that they would use to present to other schools and business and industry partners to promote the SkillsUSA organization. It is presented to a panel of judges at ROTI.
  • Team Contest – 2nd Place – “Opening/Closing Ceremony” (6 teams competed). This is a ceremonial emblem presentation that is used to start and finish every event and competition, at the Regional, State, and National levels. It is also a competitive event at each of these levels. Students (teams) had about 5-6 hours to pull this together at ROTI and present in front of all the other teams and chaperones.
  • Recognized by the SkillsUSA Executive Director – Ms. Jackie Walker asked if we would allow Will to go with her to visit some businesses and industries in the local area and throughout the state. She often works with these companies to promote SkillsUSA and how our students can help fill in the employment gaps in CTE fields. She likes to take students with her and have them discuss their programs, goals, and thoughts on CTE. She is excited to have him join her occasionally when she does some visits.

Congratulations to Will and all his accomplishments - you make DACC proud!