The Board’s policy of nondiscrimination extends to students, staff, job applicants, the general public and individuals with whom it does business and applies to race, color, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, religion, sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity), economic status, age, disability or military status. 

The Board does not discriminate on the basis of legally acquired genetic information. 

The Board does not permit discriminatory practices and views harassment as a form of discrimination. Harassment is defined as intimidation by threats of or actual physical violence; the creation, by whatever means including the use of electronic communications devices, of a climate of hostility or intimidation; or the use of language, conduct or symbols in such a manner as to be commonly understood to convey hatred, contempt or prejudice or to have the effect of insulting or stigmatizing an individual.

Employees or students who engage in discrimination of another employee or student shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Permission, consent or assumption of risk by an individual subjected to discrimination does not lessen the prohibition contained in this policy. 

No one shall retaliate against an employee or student because he/she files a grievance; assists or participates in an investigation, proceeding or hearing regarding the charge of discrimination of an individual; or because he/she has opposed language or conduct that violates this policy.

The Board designates the following individual to serve as the District’s compliance officer/civil rights coordinator:

Title: Director of Personnel
Address: 4565 Columbus Pike, Delaware, OH 43015
Phone number: (740) 201-3256

The name, title, and contact information of this individual is annually published in District handbooks and on the District website. The Board has adopted separate policies and procedures for sexual harassment, under Title IX, including the identification of a Title IX Coordinator. All sexual harassment reports must be managed in accordance with the sexual harassment policy and procedure. Sexual misconduct which does not meet the Title IX criteria will be investigated under this policy. 

The compliance officer is responsible for coordinating the District’s efforts to comply with applicable Federal and State laws and regulations, including the District’s duty to address any inquiries or complaints regarding discrimination/retaliation or denial of equal access in a prompt and equitable manner.

Reports and Complaints of Unlawful Discrimination/Harassment

All persons associated with the District, including, but not limited to, the Board, administration, staff, students and third parties are encouraged to promptly report incidents of unlawful discrimination/harassment.

The Board has developed complaint procedures, which are made available to every member of the school community. The Board also has identified disciplinary penalties, which may be imposed on the offender(s).

Matters, including the identity of both the reporting party and the responding party, are kept confidential to the extent possible.

Staff Handbooks
Student Handbooks



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