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Empower. Prepare. Inspire. Connect. Elevate your life.

At DACC, we strive to ensure our students and staff feel empowered, prepared, inspired, and connected in ways that will help them find their passions and chase their dreams. Learn more about our district, the students we serve, and our purpose here.

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New positions include:

  • Adult Education Instructor (General Application)

  • Aspire ESOL Instructor

  • Integrated Math Teacher

Top Workplaces 2023

The Delaware Area Career Center was voted a Top Workplace in 2023 by Columbus CEO Magazine.

What makes us a Top Workplace? Find out below by virtually exploring our district and hearing directly from our staff.

Learn more about how DACC empowers, prepares, inspires, and connects high school students in and around Delaware County.

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Take a virtual tour of our main campus. Visit individual labs and classrooms and hear what both teachers and students have to say about DACC.

What does it mean to truly support students and their passions? Watch as our superintendent puts this philosophy into action in the DACC Hip Hop Music Video, produced and edited by DACC students.

Why work at DACC?

Andrew Reardon

"Working with the students at DACC never ceases to amaze me—facilitating education for motivated students that have a plan for the future is truly an amazing experience. Beyond the exceptional students, DACC presents an opportunity to be employed by a district that sets the standard in instructional practices. As an employee, I have the ability to grow in my practice each day—from utilizing cutting-edge technology in the classroom to attending and presenting at professional development conferences, DACC invests in my professional growth."

- Andrew Reardon, Math Instructor

Jeff Fuller

"Working at DACC is the most rewarding experience I have had professionally.  I cannot begin to explain how impactful teaching at DACC has been for my family and me with the very friendly teacher schedule.  Working at DACC we are extremely fortunate to be in a position where students choose to come here to learn, and because of that, they show up every day genuinely excited about what we are learning.  Add in the tremendous support from administration and staff and you have a truly amazing learning environment that I love coming to every day. "

- Jeff Fuller, Digital Design Instructor

Hayley Curry

"I started here at DACC a year ago and instantly realized I had made the right decision. The staff was very welcoming and invited me in with open arms; working with people who make you feel appreciated and acknowledged is always a great feeling to have especially being a newcomer. The DACC staff makes you feel like your work is meaningful and makes a difference for others which gives me motivation to express my talent and expand my personal growth in my role. I come to work every day with a smile on my face hoping I can make a positive change for someone else."

- Hayley Curry, Attendance Administrative Assistant