BPA State Competition

On Friday, March 10th, DACC students competed in the Business Professionals of America statewide competition. Congratulations to all of the competitors for making it to the state competition and for taking this courageous step to showcase your work in front of a panel of judges.

Access a bank of photos from the competition here.

Read the full article in the Delaware Gazette here or you can download a PDF of the story here.

Highlights from this year’s competition include:

  • 44 students qualified for the National Competition.   
  • 8 students won state championships. 
  • 8 students were state runner up.  
  • 22 students placed in the Top 10 Nationally in Virtual Competitions and will compete for best in Show and National Championship. They are already in the Top 10 Nationally and will be recognized at awards in Anaheim.
  • 7 students won 3rd place in state. 
  • This is the 7th year in a row that a DACC website design team has qualified for nationals.  They have either won the state championship or state-runner up.
  • 9 students will attend the national championship for the 2nd year in a row.
  • Christian Aufderheide is the reigning National Champion in 3D Computer Modeling and will be competing in Computer Animation and attempting to win a 2nd consecutive national championship for DACC.
  • Sarah Ogden qualified for Nationals in Linux Operating System Fundamentals by placing 4th in state but will not attend.  She also won 3rd  in state in IT Concepts.  


Quote from Lainey Wright

Congratulations to these competitors!


  • Vienna Van Dromme - Computer Modeling
  • Alison Reynolds - Digital Publishing
  • Alayna Moore - Graphic Design Promotion
  • Erica Bartholomew – UX Design Team
  • Grace Gabriel - UX Design Team
  • Cohen Brown - Computer Programming Concepts
  • Janya Nelahone – Digital Communication and Design Concepts
  • Addison Ballard – UX Design Team



  • Diego Noria – Linux Operating System Fundamentals
  • Max Sanclemente – Podcast Production Team
  • Carter Sharp – Podcast Production Team
  • Emon Bhattacherjee – SQL Database Fundamentals
  • Janya Nelahonne – Website Design Team
  • Gavin Compton – Website Design Team
  • Cohen Brown – Website Design Team
  • Logan Ragland – Website Design Team



  • Tallulah Conforti – 2D Computer Animation Team #2
  • Jessica Hamilton – 2D Computer Animation Team #2
  • Mackenzie Hoye – 2D Computer Animation Team #2
  • Lindsay Reda – 2D Computer Animation Team #2
  • Amelia Dobay – 2D Computer Animation Team #1
  • Madelyn Fish – 2D Computer Animation Team #1
  • Jordan Simmons – 2D Computer Animation Team #1
  • Aiden San Filippo – 2D Computer Animation Team #1
  • Lillian Royise – Promotional Photography
  • Amal Hasan – Promotional Photography
  • Connor Kane – Promotional Photography
  • Sean Meara – Promotional Photography
  • Reagan McHenry – Virtual Multimedia Promotion
  • Josh Emmons – Virtual Multimedia Promotion
  • Zechariah Bowie – Virtual Multimedia Promotion Team
  • Callum Caldwell – Virtual Multimedia Promotion Team
  • Anna Shroyer – Virtual Multimedia Promotion Team
  • Connor Tracy – Virtual Multimedia Promotion Team
  • Afton Turner – Web Application Team
  • Sarah Church – Web Application Team
  • Jane Spelman – Web Application Team
  • Lainey Wright – Web Application Team


  • Micah Olson – C# Programming
  • Christian Aufderheide – Computer Animation Team
  • Caleb Baker – Computer Animation Team
  • Jack Steele – Computer Animation Team
  • Nathan Reynolds – Computer Animation Team
  • Claire Artemus – Presentation Management Team
  • Presley Christopher – Presentation Animation Team