Career Based Intervention

The Career-Based Intervention (CBI) program is a Career-Technical Education program designed for students ages 12-21 in grades 7-12 who are identified as disadvantaged (either academically or economically or both) or students with disabilities and who have barriers to achieving academic and career success.

The program is to help students improve academic competence, graduate from high school, develop employability skills, implement a career plan and participate in a career pathway in preparation for postsecondary education and/or careers.

The CBI program provides a combination of educational and work-based learning opportunities for student success.

DACC CBI students participate in work based learning and community service projects throughout the year. Participation in these hands-on activities provides them with experiences that will leave them better prepared for specialized career training and better prepared to navigate through life as a contributing member of the workforce.

DACC’s CBI programs are located at Dempsey Middle School and Buckeye Valley Middle School.