Welding - Full Time

The Welding Training Program is a 604 hour program designed to prepare students for entry into a welding related occupation. Students will learn techniques and skills related to multiple processes established by the welding community. Students will have the opportunity to qualify and test for three (3)  AWS credentials, as well as their OSHA 10 hour safety card. 

Total Hours: 604

Total Cost: $8,500

Funding opportunities may be available. Please check our Financial Aid page for more information.

WARNING: Welding produces electrical and magnetic fields that can affect the function of pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), therefore, no person with a pacemaker or ICD will be permitted to take a welding class at DACC.

Fall 2023

September 5th, 2023 - May 24th, 2023

Monday - Thursday
5:30pm - 10:00pm

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Additional costs not included in tuition and for which DACC is not the vendor include:

  • Textbooks: Welding and Metal Fabrication by Larry Jeffus: ISBN-13: 978-1418013745    ISBN-10: 1418013749.  Study Guide/Workbook is optional                

  • Personal Protective Equipment: Welding Helmet, Welding Jacket, Welding Gloves, Safety Glasses or Safety Side Shields, Steel Toe/Safety Toe Leather Boots, Work Pants/Shirt, Welding Cap/Hat, Tape Measure 25’

Admission Requirements for the Welding Program

Prior to enrollment in the Welding Program, you must include:

  • A copy of a high school diploma, high school transcript or GED

  • Scores of at least 3 on all three required ACT WorkKeys  Tests – Applied Math, Workplace Documents and Graphic Literacy. *Registration for WorkKeys testing secures your seat in the program.

Attendance and Make-Up Hours

It is expected that students will be present for all class sessions. If students are absent, they are expected to arrange for make-up sessions upon their return.   Please reference the Attendance Requirements section of the handbook for additional clarification on the 90% attendance requirement.

Assessment and Grades

Students will be evaluated and assigned grades for their performance within the course curriculum.  Students must maintain a 70% score.  Please reference the Satisfactory Academic Progress section of the handbook.


  • Offer a full spectrum of state-of-the-art instruction addressing academic, technical, and professional skills toward employment in the welding and metal fabrication industry.

  • Explore various career opportunities anything from entry-level positions to quality inspection to supervision, and more.

  • Be able to pass certification tests set forth by the American Welding Society (AWS)

  • Practice welding skills and techniques to prepare for Welding Certifications.

  • Maintain a high standard of outcome-based welding skills

  • Demonstrate fillet welds and groove welds in all positions using the GMAW process

  • Demonstrate fillet welds and groove welds in all positions using the SMAW process

  • Demonstrate fillet welds and groove welds in all positions using the GTAW process

  • Demonstrate fillet welds and groove welds in all positions using the FCAW process

  • Demonstrate proper setup and operation for the OFC and PAC processes

If you have specific questions about the class or curriculum, the Welding Coordinator will be happy to speak with you.

Doug Andres

Welding Coordinator

Registration and Financial Questions

Utilize this webform to submit general questions about registration, payments, or financial aid.