Envirothon Competitors

The DACC Wildlife program recently took three teams to the Ohio Envirothon on Tuesday at Tar Hollow State Park.

Overall, our DACC teams took 3rd, 5th, and 13th place. Teams included students in Future Farmers of America (FFA), science club, environment club, and clubs dedicated to competing in Envirothon.

As described in this Chillicothe Gazette article, “Students hiked through Tar Hollow State Park in small teams and answered questions about the environment. Some questions required previous knowledge or reasoning, such as "Which aquatic insect listed is a predator?" while other questions required knowledge of using different tools. 

During the forestry section, students used a tool called a Biltmore stick to estimate the diameter and height of a tree. Some students were familiar with the Biltmore stick, while others were new to the concept.”

DACC Wildlife student, Max Marzluf, was quoted in the article as saying that everyone in his team specialized in a different category, which helped with the competition. One teammate took over for the majority of the forestry section.

"[My teammate] spends more time in the woods than everyone else, he does a lot of turkey hunting and stuff like that. He knows a bit more about trees and I do," Marzluf said. "I'm more into wildlife."

The third-place team will move on to the statewide competition in June at Lake Erie College.

Congratulations to all of our competitors!